Opening Keynote - Our Cyberpunk Future is Here (Just Not Evenly Distributed)

Thu, 22 Jul 2021 @ 09:30:00

Our Cyberpunk Future is Here (Just Not Evenly Distributed)

In 2021, we are at the dawn of concurrent technical revolutions that will transform society through advances in human health and longevity, space travel, cryptocurrency, satellites, artificial/augmented intelligence, and nanorobotics! Yet we are also on the verge of a crisis of confidence from undependable dependencies that threaten to set back our adoption by a decade or more. “Move fast and break things” is at odds with society’s need to preserve trust and trustworthiness in the world around us, so we need to work smarter (not just harder) to secure the future.

This talk will explore our near future: What do we lose if we get it wrong? What do we gain if we get it right? How have hackers already shaped it and how can we continue making our future the one we want it to be?